Becoming a member / Renewing membership without participating in a CEEISA Convention
Annual membership (calendar year) will cost 20 if you come from Central and Eastern Europe, and 40 if you come from outside the region. The amount of the fee depends on the address given for delivery of the JIRD subscription.

To request/renew your CEEISA membership, including the complimentary annual subscription to the Journal of International Relations and Development, please email Florencia Contardi-Kehder (Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.) with the following information:

èEmail subject line: “CEEISA membership & JIRD subscription”

èState the following in your email: “Request to join CEEISA and receive a year’s subscription to the Journal of International Relations and Development 41268”

èPlease then provide the following details:

  • ·Name
  • ·Email address
  • ·Personal address, including country (where the subscription of JIRD should be sent)*
  • ·Telephone number

*Note that the address provided will determine the membership price you are charged  ( €20 for individuals resident in Central and Eastern Europe,   €40 for individuals resident elsewhere)

Once Springer Nature have received your email with the above details we will process your request, contact you to arrange for payment and ship the copies of JIRD from the volume year you join.  Please note that PDF forms are no longer accepted and bank details should not be included in the email.

Should you have any questions regarding CEEISA membership, please contact the CEEISA Secretariat.