Travel grants

CEEISA is pleased to announce that it offers some conference and travel grants for the participants of the 2018 EISA-CEEISA Conference in Prague whose main academic institutional affiliation is in CEE (including fSU and Turkey) and who either are members of the CEEISA, or join the association while registering for the conference.

The conference grant is set at 100 Euro and deducted from the final costs at the registration. The eligible participants are therefore requested to apply for the conference grant before they register for the conference itself.

The travel grants will be disbursed at the conference after presentation of receipts. The grant amount will be individual and based on the academic position (with a priority for Ph.D. students), travel distance and expenditures, as well as the overall budget at CEEISA's disposal.

Depending on the number of the requests received, the grants may or may not include all the applicants and/or cover the whole travel costs incurred. However, CEEISA has pledged to use its expected income from the conference mainly to provide these two grants. Applications for both types of grants are open to CEE members of the CEEISA (also those joining during the conference registration) whose paper proposals have been accepted. Please submit the applications (for one or both grants) in email form to Tato e-mailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty. Pro její zobrazení musíte mít povolen Javascript.. Every application must include the applicant's full name, home institution, academic position and a proof of the paper acceptance. Applications for travel grants also need to include an estimate of the travel costs to and from Prague.

The deadline for all grant applications is April 15th, 2018, i.e. 10 days after the acceptance letters have been issued. All applicants will be notified by April 23rd, 2018. The final registration deadline for the conference is on May 14th, 2018.